tool sharpening service

Sharp-Rite Tool and Cutter is a family owned business that has been dedicated for over 50 years of services to over 200 other business, private owned and corporation owned wood working businesses, within the New Jersey area. However, we do not only offer our service within the state. We have high clientele all over the United States. We specialize in Router sharpening, Carbide Blade sharpening, and Cold Saw Sharpening. Our router bit vendors consist of Onsurd, CMT, and Amana. Our Blade vendors consist of Amana, Ever last, Freeborn, and Royce Ayr. If you need a special insert for a cabinet you’re making, that is no problem! We work with you in designing the insert and getting it personally made to fit your needs!

Sharp-Rite Tool and Cutter looks to get to know our customers and the needs of their shops. We have pickup and delivery services, in selected areas. The pickup and delivery services are beneficial to you as a customer because our delivery road men are specialized in the sharpening services. On the day that they are not on the road they are working in our shop on machines to fit your needs. Our workers can offer advice in a special blade or cutter needed for material being cut at your shop. Our workers can explain why a blade might be stripping or causing damage to your material while it is being cut. This allows you to cut down on cost of wasting materials at your own business.

With having the ability to know if the blades you are using are indeed the right ones for your job, it saves money for sharpening or the cost of buying a new blade, for misusing your blades. The drop off and pick up services happen on the same day of every week. For example, If we come to your business on a Monday we will return your sharpened materials to you the following Monday and pick up any other materials you have for us to sharpen. During these services you will be visited by the same Road Man to develop that personal relationship with our business. However, don’t think if you are not in the selected pickup and delivery zone that we won’t have that personal relationship. We offer shipping services and work with you over the phone to develop that special relationship.

Times are constantly changing making it necessary for us to keep our eyes open to new services that will benefit you and your own business as our costumer. We offer services through our store which allows us to buy used and new machinery. Such as, table saws and other equipment that could be beneficial to your shop; or we can take old equipment off your hands to clear room in your shop to allow you to expand and move forward.

Sharp-Rite tool and Cutter is opened 6 days a week, Monday through Friday 8 A.M to 6 P.M and Saturday 9 A.M to 1 P.M. We can easily be contact by phone (732)-356-8505, Fax (732) 356-8553, or e-mail at sharpritetoolandcutter@aol.com. We look forward to hearing from you with any question that you might have about our services and doing business with you in the future.