Router Bit Sharpening

All router bits are sharpened with flood cooling maximizing the heat for zero damage on the router bit. All grinding is done with a high quality diamond wheel for a mirror finish. Router bit sharpening service is available anywhere in the US, ship your parts to us.

Router Bit Sharpening Service

  • Carbide Bit Sharpening
  • High Speed Bit Sharpening
  • Self feeding Bit Sharpening
  • Stair Bit Sharpening
  • Cut End on Router Bits
  • CNC Spiral Carbide Router Bits

If your blade is stripping or causing expensive material damage, or you just want to make sure you’re using the right blade for the job, our professional staff can help. Questions? Get in touch with your questions and a representative will respond promptly.

Your tools are an investment. Keep your saw blades sharp and get the most bang for your buck.